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Sometimes people ask me what interested me about art, why and how I decided to become an Artist and why I don’t work as an Architect since thats my degree. So all the story will start in 4, 3, 2, 1…. :D


I graduated as an Architect in 2013, but before that I started with my art little business. 


It was around summer time in 2012 when it was my friends birthday. He was kind of a hippie guy, I would say, and I didn’t just want to buy him something. I wanted to create something for him. My closet was under construction so I took a piece of white painted wood and a sharpie marker and I started to draw things that I knew he liked. 


He liked The Beatles, he liked alien stuff (just like me), and he liked weed lol. I just focused on that and created my first little painting. I gave him the painting at his birthday party and all of our friends in common started to joke and claim that I didn’t do it, that someone else did, that it was great and that if I really did it then I should really keep doing it.


So I listened to them, I bought more sharpies and started to paint. I realized that I had a really weird imagination. Being an architecture student, I knew that I was a very creative person, but I never thought that I could do these things and come up with these weird drawings.


One day I went to buy an iPhone Case because I was bored of mine. I couldn’t find anything that I liked, so I thought, “How cool would it be to customize my own iPhone Case?” So I bought a white one and drew with the sharpie. Keeping the artwork protected was the hardest part, but I figured it out. 


After that, I kept doing more and more, and I added some mugs to the collection. I opened an Instagram account and started posting pictures. I also asked famous people from my country for a shoutout, and all of the sudden, it was like an explosion. Everyone wanted one and people also started to buy my paintings.


As cliche as it sounds, I started in my mom’s basement. I hired an assistant since I had a lot of work and started with my little business. After I graduated as an architect, I realized 2 things. 1) It was time for me to move (because I always wanted to live abroad). 2) I enjoyed more working as an artist than an architect.


I still love architecture but I felt happier painting. It was interesting because I could let out my emotions, my happiness, anger, frustrations, traumas, and all sort of feelings that the career I choose to study for 5 years didn’t give me. 


I worked as an architect before I graduated, I got hired by a company and I realized that all my ideas were being stolen. I would create and design — from scratch — a whole building, and the boss, the well known “Architect,” will get all the credit for my creativity. It sucked. Art is free, I don’t have a person telling me “Paint this and I will say I did it” or having a client saying “I want a very beautiful amazing house but I only have this amount of money, so don’t go crazy.” That last one happened when I left my job and decided to work as a freelance architect which it was great but I didn’t feel fully and completely happy as I feel painting. 


And that’s how I decided to become an artist. The free soul that I am. 


How can you know if you are liking what you are doing?


Follow your emotions. If it gives you stress, if you don’t feel comfortable, explore other options and never ever feel like you have failed in life because you spend time graduating in an specific career and now you want to do a different thing. Most of the people that I know are working in a different thing than their careers and they are much happier. 


Think about your feelings, meditate. The rest is just sound.




My First Painting Ever


My Mom’s house basement = My Office :)









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