Art – Drugs To Create Art


Stereotypically, some people tend to think that artists are crazy or use drugs like LSD to create artwork.


If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if I used drugs such as LSD or Magic Mushrooms to make paintings, I would be richer than Beyonce. Ok probably not like Beyonce but, super rich. 


The answer is no. Stereotypically, though I do have some psychological issues. I suffer from Anxiety, Panic attacks, OCD, Paranoia, Intrusive thoughts and Hypochondria. And I know how it goes, a Psychologist will send me to a Psychiatrist to get medication, since a Psychologist cannot prescribe. All of these things need to be treated with medication. Medication = Drugs. I do not like medicine; I do not like drugs.


I just pretty much hate the way I feel when I get the flu and have to take cough medicine. I feel drowsy, like a zombie. Not for me. So how do I deal with this? Painting. It is the way I express myself and release all the intrusive thoughts that I get. Thanks to all of these feelings, in my head I can create things and feel healed at the same time.


Even though this sounds crazy, and some people don’t believe in this, there’s something called Astral Projections. Basically, when you’re in deep sleep, your soul “goes” and travels somewhere else. I do not know if this is a FACT or a dream, but I have experienced this since I was 10 years old. Including the horrifying experience of Sleep Paralysis. 


Sleep Paralysis is something that happens when you are falling asleep or almost waking up, during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement). Basically your brain produces a sort of liquid that prevents you from moving while you are sleeping and dreaming. This liquid in the brain fails in some way and you wake up but your body cannot move. Your eyes are open, you can hear and see, but you cannot move or talk, or scream. It’s the worst experience in the world because you can really feel the presence of someone in your room, see weird things and creatures, etc. This is supposed to happen only once in a life time to a person. I experience this 1-2 times a week. Why? No clue. I think doctors don’t really know yet the reason of this. 


The point is that all of these sleeping experiences also give me even more ideas to create artwork that really does look like I took something, even though I didn’t. The beauty in all of this is that you can really see the bright side of a bad situation. I do not like to feel the way I feel sometimes, but I am grateful for it because, thanks to the bad experiences, I get to create things that some people enjoy to see.


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