About Me

Heliana is a Venezuelan Architect and self-taught Artist living in Barcelona, Spain. Her artwork is sold under the brand-name Heliana LussietTM. Now a social media sensation, Heliana first discovered that art was her passion and started building her personal brand in 2012, creating one-of-a-kind smartphone cases and original paintings with Sharpies. Her innovative creations were widely recognized in her native country, receiving accolades and public recognition in newspapers, magazines and radio interviews. 

Moving to Miami for a period of time, prior to relocating to Europe, Heliana’s work evolved into acrylic paintings of Fine Art comprising unique and powerful stories inspired by her visions, and manifested onto canvas. In response to demands from her social network following, Heliana has continued to create accessories using a “Handmade-Digital” technique that combines original drawings with brilliant colors through graphical design, to deliver a unique look and fell for each accessory.

Heliana’s surreal neo-pop styled art personifies her personal experiences, thoughts, dreams, happiness, and even darkness, in some cases.

My paintings can be very colorful, looking happy and playful, but sometimes they have darkness inside and that is what people like about my art. It is not predictable, it looks abstract for some people, but it will always have a meaning. It’s all about each person’s perspective.